Scientific Management

  • Rukiye Nazan Eraslan Ph.D.

    Managing Director

    Dr. Eraslan brought over 20 years of experience in Immunology and Oncology within multi-disciplinary matrix teams comprised of colleagues from various groups including Discovery, Safety, Clinical and Regulatory to develop and deliver biomarker strategies and potential combination therapies for IO and autoimmune diseases assets. She previously held positions at Xenogen/Caliper Life Sciences as Team Leader Immunology & Inflammation, Taconic, Inc., as Team Leader/Principal Scientist Immunology & Inflammation, and (Bristol Mayer Squibb (BMS) as Principal Scientist as Immuno-Science and Oncology.

  • Michael D. Hayward Ph.D.

    Senior Team Leader

    Michael has 25 years of experience in biomedical research with in vivo systems and joined Invivotek from Taconic Biosciences (previously Xenogen Biosciences), where he directed commercial projects on the efficacy of pre-clinical test therapeutics and characterization of genetically modified rodents in the Metabolism and Neurosciences fields. During his career, Michael evaluated phenotypes of over 200 different genetically modified mouse lines and over a hundred pre-clinical test therapeutics, has served as an invited speaker to “Animal Models and Their Value in Predicting Efficacy and Toxicity” New York Academy of Sciences (2011), Singapore Association of Laboratory Animal Sciences (SALAS) Annual Meeting (2013) and has been interviewed for “Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News” and the “MIT Technology Review”. Dr. Hayward received his Ph.D. in Biology from Columbia University in New York, NY, did his postdoctoral fellowship at the Vollum Institute and was a Research Assistant Professor at the Center for the Study of Weight Regulation at Oregon Health Sciences University where he was funded by NIDA and NIAAA.

  • Caroline Giordano B.S., RLAT

    Facility Manager

    Caroline has over 21 years of experience in all aspects of animal facility management in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology environment, including extensive knowledge of AAALAC and IACUC procedures. She played a pivotal role in designing and initiating operations of the Invivotek’s Award winning barrier facility. Prior to joining Invivotek, Caroline was managing vivarium operations and projects at AAALAC accredited animal facilities at Palatin Technologies and Xenogen Biosciences. In addition, Caroline has extensive experience with production, breeding and conducting assays on genetically modified rodents and with in vivo compound testing for drug discovery from Bristol-Myers Squibb, Xenogen Biosciences and Palatin. She is an AALAS Registered Laboratory Animal Technician (RLAT). Ms. Giordano received her B.S. in Animal Sciences from Rutgers University.