Psychiatric and Neurodegenerative Disease

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Neurodegeneration is an underlying component of several common central nervous system disorders that afflict the human population. Invivotek’s CNS platform offers the following assays to evaluate neurodegenerative phenotypes in genetically modified mice and efficacy of test compounds in genetic and induced models of neurodegenerative disorders:

Locomotor System: Invivotek offers assays to evaluate locomotor activity, coordination and balance

  • Rotarod Test

  • Locomotor Activity in an Open Field Arena

  • Long-term Monitoring of Locomotor Activity

Irwin Functional Behavior Battery: This is a standardized set of observational tests designed to measure general phenotypes or signs of drug activity in these general categories:

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  • Behavioral Characteristics (21 measurements)

  • Neurological Characteristics (14 measurements)

  • Physical Characteristics (4 measurements)

  • Autonomic Characteristics (9 measurements)

Anxiety and Depression: Invivotek offers assays to evaluate anxiolytic and antidepressant effects of test compounds and behavioral despair in the rodent
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  • Elevated Plus Maze

  • Novel Environment-Induced Feeding Suppression

  • Open Field Test

  • Tail Suspension Test

Pain: Invivotek offers assays to test the integrity of the peripheral and central nociceptive system

  • Hot Plate Test

  • Automated von Frey Test

  • Formalin Pain Test

  • Neuropathic Pain Models:

    • Chronic Constrictive Injury (CCI) Model

    • Neuritis (Rat)

    • Partial Sciatic Nerve Ligation (PNL) Model

  • Tibial Nerve Transection (TNT) Model

Feeding Behavior:

  • Food Intake