Pain Assays

Invivotek offers bioassays to measure different aspects or modalities of pain and surgical models of neuropathic pain that can be used for phenotypic characterization of genetically modified rodents.

Thermal Pain
Hot Plate
Hargreave’s Tail Flick

Chemically-induced Inflammatory Pain
Acetic Acid-induced Writhing Test
Carrageenan-induced Inflammation
Complete Freund’s Adjuvant Challenge
Formalin Pain Assay
Mechanical Pain
von Frey Test

Neuropathic Pain Models
Chronic Constrictive Injury (CCI) Model
Neuritis (Rat)
Partial Sciatic Nerve Ligation (PNL) Model
Tibial Nerve Transection (TNT) Model

We recommend an evaluation of locomotor activity in the Open Field and/or Rotarod test in conjunction with Pain Assays to discriminate decreased pain responses from potential motor impairments.