Original Research Papers

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Reviews and Book Chapters

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Meeting Abstracts

  • Hayward, Michael D; Dogan, Rukiye; Buiakova, Olesia; Grass, David S.; Phelan, Jennifer M.; Wissenbach, Margit Physiological and Behavioral Characterization of C57BL/6NTac and Balb/C Mice 63rd AALAS, Minneaposlis, November 4-8, 2012

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  • Michael D. Hayward, Trisha Chu, Steve Karagrigoriou, Duo Chen, William Campbell, Cristina Mottershead, Arthur Wozniczka, Gerald Bothe, Jennifer Phelan, David S. Grass and Olesia Buiakova A Comparison of Metabolic Characteristics Among C57BL/6NTac, C57BL/6J and C57BL/6JBom Diet Induced Obese Mice With Environmental Conditioning. 62nd AALAS, San Diego October 2-6 2011

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